KOLOS Fundraising

Regina Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

Fundraising Events


Bingo dates will be added as we receive them:

Friday October 22 – 5:30PM – midnite
Friday November  19 – 5:30PM – midnite
Sunday November 28 – 11:20AM – 6PM
Friday December 3 – 5:30PM – midnite
Friday December 17 – 5:30PM – midnite

To sign up to work, see email sent to school families.

Regina Bingo Palace 190 Broad Street North

Perogies for sale

5 dozen potato/cheese for $24
Contact any dance family to place an order.

Ottenbreit Meats Fundraiser

Orders Due: TBD
Delivery: TBD
Contact any dance family to place an order.

Gift Card Raffle

Tickets are being sold for $2 each. 
Prizes: 2 bouquets of various gift cards values at approximately $175 each.
Draw Date: TBD
Contact any dance family to purchase tickets.

Pre-Christmas Trade Show

Changed to an online Trade show due to Covid restrictions.



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